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Groups WooCommerce

Use the Groups WooCommerce extension to sell memberships with WooCommerce – A powerful and flexible combination for memberships and content access control. Visit the main documentation page here: Groups WooCommerce Documentation


  • Groups WooCommerce

    Memberships and Access Control with Groups and WooCommerce Groups WooCommerce is an extension for WooCommerce based on the free Groups membership and access control solution for WordPress. It allows you to sell group memberships in your store powered by WooCommerce. Documentation Sections Setup – Quick and simple steps to get started. Settings – An overview […]

  • Access Control

    Groups provides built-in access control that allows to restrict access to posts, pages, and custom content types to specific groups and their members.The following sections provide more details on how to control access: Posts, Pages and Others Content Sections Widgets You can also control access to content by groups or by capabilities using the Shortcodes.

  • Actions

    The extension does not invoke any specific actions at current. See the Filters section for specific filter hooks that the extension invokes.

  • API

    Please refer to the following sections where we provide details on how to debug issues and describe the functions and hooks provided by the Groups WooCommerce extension’s API. Functions Actions Filters Further related information: The FAQ’s entry on Debugging API Documentation for Groups

  • FAQ

    Memberships do not end, time-limited Memberships are not terminated at all or end later than expected. Why? If you see any time-limited memberships that should have ended for a customer but are still valid, this normally indicates one of the following: The product has no duration set. In this case, you can add a duration […]

  • Filters

    groups_woocommerce_handle_woocommerce_subscription_status_updated This filter allows to modify whether the status update for a particular subscription will process the related group memberships or not. Arguments: $handle boolean – whether to act on the subscription status update $subscription WC_Subscription – the subscription $new_status string – the new status $old_status string – the old status Return: boolean whether to […]

  • Functions

    Groups_WS_Membership_Shortcodes::groups_woocommerce_memberships( $atts, $content = null ) Renders time-limited group membership info for the current user. This is the handler method for the groups_woocommerce_memberships shortcode. The groups_woocommerce_show_membership filter can be used to modify how membership info is rendered. Arguments: The $atts parameter is an array and allows the following options to be passed: “exclude” – Groups […]

  • Group Assignments

    Automatic Assignments The automatic group membership assignments are made by the system based on the products that you have set up. Users are assigned to groups based on the products they order. Please also refer to the Settings for details on the related configuration options. Once the order that contains a product with group assignments […]

  • Legacy Setup

    Set up a Premium group Below we are giving an example using a group named Premium and its associated capability premium. Note that you can use any group and capability name, we just use Premium here because it underlines a pretty common use case. 2.1 The Quick Way This is the recommended way. It generates […]

  • Memberships

    Selling Memberships Selling Unlimited Memberships An unlimited membership assigns a customer to a group indefinitely. This is easily set up with simple or variable products. When a customer purchases such a product, the account is added to the group once the order is completed or processing (see details on which order status will trigger the […]