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Legacy Setup

The information below is relevant only with the legacy access control mode remnant from Groups 1.x – also see the Migration Guide for details on this and how to upgrade to the current Groups 2.x access control model.

Set up a Premium group

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Below we are giving an example using a group named Premium and its associated capability premium. Note that you can use any group and capability name, we just use Premium here because it underlines a pretty common use case.

2.1 The Quick Way

This is the recommended way. It generates our Premium group on the fly while you create your protected content. Posts > Add New” width=”319″ height=”123″>

Go to <strong>Posts > Add New</strong>, give your new post a title and some content.

Now input <em>Premium</em> in the field provided under <strong>Access restrictions</strong>.

<img decoding= Next publish your post and the Access restrictions will show that this post is protected so that members of the Premium group only can view it. Publish the Post Post restricted to the Premium Group

2.2 Step by Step

If you have already created a protect post using the quick way above, you can skip this section and head on to 3. Set up a Premium Membership Product. Another example is provided under 4. Set up a page for “Tutorials” members only Groups > Capabilities” width=”160″ height=”131″>

Go to <strong>Groups > Capabilities</strong> and click <em>New Capability</em>. Enter <em>premium</em> in the <em>Capability</em> field and click <em>Add</em>.

<img decoding= Groups > Groups” width=”160″ height=”129″>

Go to <strong>Groups > Groups</strong> and click <em>New Group</em>. Enter <em>Premium</em> in the <em>Name</em> field and choose the <em>premium</em> capability, create the group by clicking <em>Add</em>.

<img decoding= Go to Groups > Options and choose the premium capability under Access restrictions > Capabilities and click Save at the end of the page. You will now be able to protect your posts with the premium capability. Only members of the Premium group will have access to these. Groups > Options > Access Restrictions > Capabilities” width=”714″ height=”104″>
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Set up a page for “Tutorials” members only

↑ Back to top Go to Pages > Add New to create a new page: Add a new Page - Tutorials In the Access restrictions tab enter Tutorials so that the Tutorials group and capability are created automatically and click Publish to create the page. This page is now only accessible to members of the Premium group. If you want to restrict access to a page based on an existing group, select it under Access restrictions. Restricting access to the Tutorials page For more options to protect your content please refer to the Groups Plugin and Groups Documentation.