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Getting Started


  • Assign a Customer to a Collection

    In order for a customer to see a collection you must first assign a collection to the customer. Assign a Collection to a New Customer To create a new customer go to: Users > Add New Fill out the customer information and add them to a Collection: The customer will receive an email notification about […]

  • Creating a Photo Collection

    All photos must be added to a Collection. You can either set up the Collection before uploading photos or create a Collection when uploading them. Create a Collection To create a Collection, go to: Photography > Collections. Creating a Collection is similar to creating a product category. To add a new Collection: Enter a name […]

  • Getting Started with Photography for WooCommerce

    The WooCommerce Photography extension by Kestrel is crafted to empower photographers in the seamless presentation and sale of their photographic works through WooCommerce-powered websites. With our extension, you have the flexibility to streamline your workflow effortlessly. Upload multiple photographs simultaneously, create distinct photo products, and organize them seamlessly within collections. What’s more, you wield the […]

  • Products Add-ons Integration for Photography

    WooCommerce Photography works with our Products Add-ons extension, letting you create any type of add-on for a collection of photos. You’ll need to purchase both WooCommerce Photography & Product Add-ons, then after installing the two plugins, you can create global add-ons for your collection by doing the following: Go to Products > Global Add-Ons > Add Global Add-on Name your […]

  • Protect Photos Online

    You are most likely worried that somebody can steal photographs on your site, instead of purchasing them. This is not important if you sell physical products, such as printers, phones or anything else. But what if you sell photographs with WooCommerce Photography? The easiest solution is to add a watermark to your images, though it […]

  • Uploading Photos

    The WooCommerce Photography extension allows you to upload multiple photos at once (also known as a batch upload), where you can define the collection, sku pattern, prices and caption for each. Batch Upload To add your photos to your WooCommerce shop go to: Photography > Add Photographs: You can upload as many photos as you […]