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Creating a Photo Collection

All photos must be added to a Collection. You can either set up the Collection before uploading photos or create a Collection when uploading them.

Create a Collection

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To create a Collection, go to: Photography > Collections.


Creating a Collection is similar to creating a product category. To add a new Collection:

  1. Enter a name for the Collection.
  2. Edit the slug, if necessary – this is used in the URL of the Collection.
  3. Optionally add this Collection to a parent Collection or add a description.
  4. Set the visibility of the Collection (see below).
  5. Optionally upload a thumbnail to represent the Collection.
  6. Select: Add new Photography Collection.


Visibility for the Collection has two options:

  • Restricted – Only customers assigned to this Collection can access.
  • Public – Anyone can access.

Photographs aren’t listed outside of a Collection. By default, Collections aren’t shown on a customer’s account page, and you must add a customer to a Collection via their user profile settings.

This allows you to make public Collections for customers to share with their friends and relatives via a URL. Otherwise, only customers who have access permission can view the photos.

Learn how to assign customers to a Collection.

Your customers can edit Collection settings on their ‘My Account’ page, if they wish to share photos with friends and family.



Adding a thumbnail to a Collection will display this for each Collection on the My Account page:


Quick Collections Creation

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You can quickly create a new Collection when uploading images or on the customer profile page:


Select + Add Collection to display a new field and add a new Collection name.

A new restricted Collection with no thumbnail (which you can edit later) is created. To edit the Collection settings, go to: Photography > Collections.

Code Snippets

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Can I prevent customers from changing permissions for a Collection?

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Yes. Add this code to the end of your functions.php file, which is located in wp-content/themes/your-theme-name:

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