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  • Assistant

    This built-in Assistant helps you to add live product filter widgets to your shop. It will offer several widgets that it can add to the chosen sidebar. The Assistant will show you which filters are already present in sidebars and it will suggest to add others that have not yet been added. Select a sidebar […]

  • CSS

    These settings are related to the Product Search Field and Product Filters. They affect any of the instances, including those from automatic replacement, widgets, shortcodes and those produced by API functions. The plugin loads a standard stylesheet by default. The stylesheet contains a set of CSS rules that are designed to provide a suitable and […]

  • General Settings

    Standard Product Search Optimize front end product searches This option allows the Search Engine to control searches made on the front end. If it is enabled, the Search Engine will cater for search results on the front end whenever possible — it should affect most product search facilities that you will normally encounter on public […]

  • Gupshup Sms Notification

    Installation Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose File. Install Now and Activate the extension. More information at: Install and Activate Plugins/Extensions. Setup and Configuration To set up your store with Gupshup: Go to: WooCommerce > Settings […]

  • Search Index

    The indexing process starts automatically once the extension is activated. The Search Engine uses the index to power searches. In this section you can see its progress. Status The system reports the percentage of products that are indexed. It also shows how many products have been indexed and how many are left to be processed. […]

  • Search Weights

    Weights improve the relevance in product search results, based on search keyword matches in product titles, excerpts (product short descriptions), contents, tags, categories, product attributes and their SKU. Weights can also be set for specific products and product categories, to fine-tune the order in which products appear in product search results. The use of Search […]

  • Settings

    Configuration You will find all settings related to the WooCommerce Product Search extension under WooCommerce > Settings > Search. On the following pages, we will describe each section with its related settings. General Weights Thumbnails CSS Index Reports You will also find a direct link to the Search Reports for convenience: Reports Legacy Settings Assistant […]

  • Thumbnails

    Product Thumbnails These settings affect the thumbnails that are displayed along with the results produced by any instance of the live Product Search Field. This includes the automatic replacements of the standard search form, instances of the Product Search Field widget, the [woocommerce_product_search] shortcode and when the field is rendered using the API. Search results […]