These settings are related to the Product Search Field and Product Filters. They affect any of the instances, including those from automatic replacement, widgets, shortcodes and those produced by API functions. The plugin loads a standard stylesheet by default. The stylesheet contains a set of CSS rules that are designed to provide a suitable and integrated representation of the search and filter facilities with any theme. In some cases, it might be necessary to add one or more additional rules to fine-tune their appearance. These can be added to your theme’s stylesheet or by using the Inline Styles option provided here for this purpose.

Standard Stylesheet

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This option allows to deactivate the standard stylesheet if you rather desire to use your own styles defined in a another stylesheet. The standard stylesheet is only loaded when the product search or filter facilities are displayed using an automatic replacement, shortcode, widget or template function provided by the plugin’s API.

Inline Styles

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Inline styles can also be defined here directly. This can be used to adjust the styles without the need to modify a stylesheet. These inline styles are only used when the live Product Search Field or the live Product Filters are displayed.