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WooCommerce Marketplace

Guidelines for products sold on WooCommerce.com, including technical, user experience and support best practices.


  • Feature Request Portal

    Feature requests allow merchants to communicate what would make products on the WooCommerce.com Marketplace more valuable to address business needs. Merchants may also vote on features to help quantify demand and influence prioritization from product teams. Viewing feature requests  Each product sold on the WooCommerce.com Marketplace has a dedicated page where you can view requested […]

  • WooCommerce Marketplace User Experience Review

    User Experience (UX) reviews have been introduced into the Marketplace submission review process to ensure submitted products adhere to product quality, Marketplace standards and guidelines before launching in the Marketplace. With this additional review, you can anticipate longer review times however, here are best practices to zip through the UX review. Pre-Submission Be proud of […]

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