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Feature Request Portal

Feature requests allow merchants to communicate what would make products on the WooCommerce.com Marketplace more valuable to address business needs. Merchants may also vote on features to help quantify demand and influence prioritization from product teams.

If you have questions before purchasing, or a product isn’t performing as desired, reach out to us for further assistance and submit a support request. The feature requests portal should only be used to submit ideas for new features. More on feature request guidelines here.

Viewing feature requests

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Each product sold on the WooCommerce.com Marketplace has a dedicated page where you can view requested features. Look for the View and Submit Feature Requests button on the product page to see the existing features requests.

View and submit feature requests button

Voting on a feature request

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Before submitting a new feature request, it’s worth searching the existing list to see if your idea has already been requested. If so, you can add your support and vote to improve the likelihood that a feature will be prioritized sooner. You may also see the number of unique votes a feature request has received and comment to add context behind your vote.

Submitting a new feature

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If you would like to request a new feature, select the Submit a feature request button and fill out the form.

Submit a feature request button

The feature request form accepts a short and a long description of the feature. You may also add screenshot links if you have any. At the moment only screenshots hosted on snipboard.io, droplr.com, or cloudup.com will work.

New feature request form

WooCommerce Core

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If you would like to submit a feature request for the WooCommerce core plugin, please visit the dedicated feature request portal.


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A feature request must:

  • Not be a presale question or support request. If you have questions before purchasing or a product isn’t performing as desired, reach out to us for further assistance and submit a support request.
  • Not be a product review. Ratings and reviews should be submitted separately.
  • Be clear. Requests should not be difficult to understand and should be proofread. We do reserve the right to update major typos or grammar errors.
  • Be appropriate. Requests should not contain any spam, profanity, rude tone, or affiliate links.
  • Not explicitly ask for a feature from another product on the WooCommerce.com Marketplace. Instead, please describe the feature and give examples of use cases if helpful. 

If we consider a request to violate guidelines, we may remove it and give you the opportunity to revise and resubmit your request.