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  • Storefront Actions example: Adding content below the featured product title

    Storefront has a lot of add_action() functions (go here for an overview). These allow you to insert sections of content using HTML, PHP, Javascript into its core templates. For example, say you want to add a description or even an image below the “featured products” section of your homepage. Create a function First, create a […]

  • Storefront Filters example: Change the number of products displayed per page

    Storefront has a lot of filters (go here for an overview). These allow you to change the output of how things are displayed in the theme. For example, you could want to change the shop page template to only display 8 products instead of the default 12. Create a function First, we need to create a […]

  • Storefront Hooks: Actions and filters

    This document lists the Actions and Filters which are available within the Storefront theme. For a full list of template actions which add the default content in Storefront, you can find a comprehensive list of these within the file/storefront/inc/storefront-template-hooks.php inside the theme folder. Examples To get familiar with the Storefront hooks it might be good […]