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Educational resources for WooPayments – the only payment method designed exclusively for WooCommerce, by WooCommerce. Start here: WooPayments Documentation


  • Buy now, pay later with WooPayments

    Buy now, pay later (BNPL) payment methods allow your customers to pay for orders over time, using a series of payments. For example, a customer could pay for a $2,000 USD product in four installments of $500. You, the merchant, would still receive the full amount immediately, minus fees of course. BNPL services are used […]

  • Dispute evidence suggestions

    When a cardholder disputes a payment via their bank, they have to submit evidence to back up their claim. As the merchant, you can respond to that claim and give the bank evidence supporting your position. While WooPayments cannot affect the bank’s decision, we can still help you decide what evidence to submit. This page […]

  • Signature Bank — March 2023

    Due to the New York State DFS takeover of Signature Bank, our payments partner (Stripe) temporarily paused some money movements to and from that bank due to their services being unavailable or unreliable. No money was lost, but funds may have started to accumulate in your account without being deposited. Soon after, we emailed all […]

  • WooPayments: Fraud Protection

    From version 5.9.0, WooPayments offers a more configurable fraud protection experience for merchants. This helps you avoid disputes by setting the security and fraud protection risk level that best suits your business. This page explains how fraud protection works, what the various settings do, and how they interact with incoming orders from your customers. How […]

  • WooPayments: Gradual signup

    Starting with version 6.0.0 of WooPayments, we’ll be experimenting with a different signup process. This new system, called “gradual signup”, is designed to make it easier to verify your information step by step, and allows you to take payments more quickly than before. At first, only a small portion of new merchants will see the […]

  • WooPayments: Tap to Pay on Android

    Tap to Pay enables merchants to accept card payments using their phone only. No need for specialized hardware! Requirements Tap to Pay on Android is supported for U.S. merchants whose Android device meets all of the following requirements: Application Download & Installation First Time Setup When viewing the details of an unpaid order, tap on […]

  • WooPayments Documentation

    Spanish version of this page | Aquí puedes encontrar la versión en español de esta página. Welcome to the WooPayments documentation! Here you can find all sorts of helpful information about running your business website and taking payments. Please see the sections below for more information about what WooPayments can do. Startup Guide The Startup Guide […]

  • Accepting Google Pay with WooPayments

    WooPayments allows you to enable Google Pay on your site, which makes it easier for customers to checkout quickly. This document describes how to set up, test, and troubleshoot the Google Pay feature. Enabling To enable Google Pay: Customizing When Google Pay is enabled, the button can appear in three places: You can customize which […]

  • Authorize and capture

    Card transactions occur very quickly, which is what makes them so convenient for day-to-day purchases. In fact, they happen so fast that many people don’t realize that there are actually two events taking place: an authorization and a capture. By default, WooPayments will perform the authorization and capture at the same time. However, by enabling […]

  • Can I change the title and description of the payment gateway shown during checkout?

    Yes, both the title (“Credit card / debit card”) and description (“Enter your card details”) can be changed with many free translation plugins, such as Say What or Loco Translate. Almost any string can be changed by using the text domain woocommerce-payments. As an example, here’s how to change the description with Say What: If […]