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Regaining access to WooPayments

Performing administrative tasks associated with orders placed via WooPayments — like managing transactions, deposits, and disputes — is handled completely in the site’s administrator area under the Payments menu. 

If the Payments menu item is not available or your WooCommerce site is no longer accessible, then you may not be able to effectively manage your WooPayments account.

This guide explains how to regain access to your WooPayments account if it becomes inaccessible due to changes on your site.

NOTE: This guide will not be applicable if an WooPayments account is suspended or disabled.

Unable to access the Payments menu

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If you access your WooCommerce site’s admin area and the Payments menu is not visible, it may be a result of the WooPayments plugin being deactivated or deleted. 

When the WooPayments plugin is deactivated or deleted, the connection to our payments server and your site is still intact. This means that you can restore your transaction, dispute, and deposit information by:

  1. Following the steps here to determine if WooPayments is installed on your site.
  2. If WooPayments is not installed, then you can follow the steps here to install the plugin on your site.
  3. Activate the WooPayments plugin.
  4. Navigate to the Payments menu.

If you would like to manage your transactions, deposits, and disputes without offering WooPayments as a payment option for your customers, you can read more about how to stop using WooPayments here.

Site is no longer accessible

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Sometimes, the inability to access a site’s administrator dashboard can be temporary — like forgetting a password. However, if your site experiences a change that prevents long-term access to the site’s administrator dashboard, this can impact your ability to perform important functions, like responding to disputes. 

Here are some larger changes that may impact your ability to administrate your WooPayments account, as they can prevent you from accessing the site’s admin dashboard completely:

  • Moving to a new CMS platform.
  • Canceling your hosting plan.
  • Closing your WooCommerce site.

If any of these changes prevent you from accessing the site’s admin dashboard, then it is recommended that you contact our support team to connect your WooPayments account to a new WooCommerce site, like a staging site or a local WordPress site connected to the Internet via ngrok (or a similar tool).