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WooPay Customer Documentation

WooPay is a new express checkout solution by WooCommerce. WooPay saves your payment information so that you can securely check out across multiple stores more quickly.

Checkout with WooPay

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The first time you check out on a store that uses WooPay, you’ll see a “Remember your details?” section on the checkout page. If you’d like to sign up for WooPay:

  • Check the checkbox for Save my information for faster checkouts
  • Enter your mobile phone number
  • Place your order
Save your payment information with WooPay.

The next time you check out on a store that uses WooPay, we’ll recognize you and send a text message to your phone number with a 6-digit code. After you log in by entering your code, you can check out with the payment information you’ve saved in WooPay.

Authenticating you with WooPay.

WooPay Checkout Page

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Once you’re signed in to WooPay, you can check out using WooPay’s checkout page. The checkout page has the following sections:

  • Contact shows you the email address associated with your WooPay account. If you do not want to use your WooPay account to check out, click the three dots (⋮) and then click the Checkout as guest button to be taken back to the merchant’s guest checkout page.
  • Ship to lets you choose the shipping address for your order. If you don’t want to have your order shipped to your default address, clicking Change will let you switch to a different shipping address or click Add address to add a new shipping address.
  • Delivery lets you choose between delivery options offered by the store you’re purchasing from.
  • Pay with lets you choose the payment method you’d like to use for your order. If you don’t want to use your default payment method, clicking Change will let you switch to a different payment method or click Add payment method to add a new payment method to your WooPay account.
  • Summary shows you a summary of the items that are part of your order. You can use the + and buttons to change how many of each item you want included in your order.
  • Click Place Order to complete your order via WooPay.
Use your saved payment details to check out with WooPay.

WooPay Dashboard

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Visit https://pay.woo.com/account/ to access your dashboard. On your WooPay Dashboard, you can view all of the orders you’ve placed via WooPay and you can view and edit your account information.

WooPay Dashboard – Account Page

When you visit your WooPay Dashboard, you’ll see your account details. On this page, you can find:

  • The Account Info shows you the name, email address, and phone number associated with your WooPay account.
  • The Addresses section shows you the addresses you have stored in WooPay. From here, you can add, edit, and delete addresses saved in WooPay. You can also change which address is your default shipping address.
  • The Payment methods section shows you the payment methods you have stored in WooPay. From here, you can add and delete the payment methods you have saved.
The Account page of the WooPay customer dashboard.

WooPay Dashboard – Orders Page

Click on the Orders link on your WooPay dashboard to go to your orders page. Here, you can see all of the orders you’ve placed via WooPay, even if they were placed on different stores. Click on any order to be taken to your order confirmation details.

The Orders page of the WooPay customer dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a question about an order I paid for via WooPay.

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For most questions related to orders paid for via WooPay, you should reach out directly to the merchant you ordered from. WooPay allows you to securely check out on stores more quickly, but your order is still being placed with the merchant.

To find the merchant you ordered from, visit https://pay.woo.com/account/orders to see the orders you’ve placed with WooPay. Clicking on the order you have a question about will take you to that merchant’s website.

Why don’t I don’t see the “Remember your details?” section on the checkout page?

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You will only see the “Remember your details?” section on the checkout page if you don’t already have a WooPay account. If you have a WooPay account already, when you enter your email address into the checkout form, we’ll send you a text message with a code you can use to sign in to WooPay.

What if I don’t want to check out with WooPay?

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If you’re on the WooPay checkout page but don’t want to use WooPay, choose the “Checkout as guest” option to opt out of using WooPay for your order.

How does WooPay handle subscription products?

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If you use WooPay to purchase a subscription product, WooPay is only involved in the initial order. After that, all renewal orders are handled by the merchant’s website, not by WooPay. If you wish to cancel your subscription, change your payment method, or perform an early renewal, you will need to do so on the merchant’s site. Deleting the subscription payment method on WooPay will not cancel the subscription.

How do I log out of WooPay?

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To log out of WooPay:

  • If you’re on a WooPay checkout page, click the three dots (⋮) next to your email address and click “Sign out.”
  • If you’re on your WooPay account page, click on your account icon in the upper right corner of the page and click “Sign out.”

How can I update my phone number or email address?

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Contact support to request a change to your phone number or email address.

How do I delete my WooPay account?

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Contact support to request that your account be deleted.


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