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Affiliate Program For WooCommerce

What is Affiliate Marketing? ↑ Back to top

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning commissions by promoting other people’s (or company’s or brand’s) products. It motivates consumers to sell a product they like, and in turn earns a piece of the profit for each sale they make.

The benefit of affiliate marketing is that you are going to pay only for the actual sales.

It is based on revenue sharing. If you have a product and want to sell more, you can give financial incentives to promoters through affiliate programs.

Setup and Configuration: ↑ Back to top

Quick Setup Video:

Other Useful Videos: ↑ Back to top

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  2. How to check affiliate report in admin dashboard?
  3. How to select user roles for affiliate?

Installation Guide: ↑ Back to top

  1. Download the Affiliate Program For WooCommerce  extension from your WooCommerce dashboard.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded.
  3. Click Install Now, and then Activate.

Alternatively, you can upload the “Affiliate Program for Woocommerce” plugin to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.


More info at: Installing WooCommerce and Installing Extensions.

Configuration and Settings: ↑ Back to top

Setting up of Affiliate feature into your wordpress website is not a tedious task to do any more. You can enable this feature very easily with this amazing WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin.Follow the below steps to do a quick set up of  ‘Affiliate Program for wooCommerce’ on your WordPress website.

As soon as you’ll install and activate this Affiliate plugin for Woocommerce, a new section Affiliate will appear under the woocommerce settings.

  1. Navigate to Woo Commerce > Settings >Affiliate.

You will see subsections there as:

  1. Enable/Disable  Affiliate Program
  2. Set up of Affiliate key length
  3. Setup of Affiliate key name
  4. Setup of Text above the affiliate link
  5. Set the Max. no. for commissions on orders
  6. Set the Commission Commission type
  7. Se Commission amount
  8. Select Roles

. Enable/Disable Affiliate Program

Plugin Provides this Setting to enable/disable WordPress affiliate feature into your website. This checkbox must be enabled for using the features of this extension.


2. Affiliate Key Length

Using this option you can set the length for your referral key, By default it is set to 7. With the help of this setting, your affiliate customers will get a unique referral link.

For eg : If you have set the affiliate key length to 5 then there will be 7 digits in your affiliate key: https://your-site.domain.name?affiliate_code=J0CRFMW

Here you can see that the affiliate key is 7 digits.


Affiliate Key Name

Enter the name of the affiliate key which will be added with your affiliate link. This feature will help you to create a more unique key based on your business and Brand. 

For example you have a brand name  Adidas so you can embed ADI or something related to that in your affiliate link. Like 


Text above the affiliate link

Enter your text which will be shown above the affiliate link. With this feature you can provide generic information to your affiliates, For example you are giving extra commission for a specific period of time. So you can inform them about your limited time program with this feature.

Maximum number for commissions on orders

Max number of orders till you want to allow the commission to the affiliate.Using this option admin can set the limit after which affiliate customers will not get the commission for a particular order.For eg admin has set the commission limit to 5, it means an affiliate customer will not get commission for a specific product after the 5 orders are successfully placed using his link.

Commission Type

This option allows you to set commission type. Two Types of commissions are available here. You can choose between percentage and flat rate commission.

Commission types can be selected based upon the business type. 

The simplest of all structures is the flat rate commission structure. It is easy to comprehend, calculate, and utilize. With this structure, when a product is sold, the employee will receive a set percentage commission. This commission is received regardless of what the value of the order is. Whether percentage based commission  will depend on the product or service price.

So! Both options are available, Choose the best one for you.

Commission Value

This option allows you to set commission value that directly depends upon the commission type you have selected. For example: 

  • If You have selected the commission type percentage and set the commission amount 10, That means you are providing 10% price of your sold products to your affiliates
  • If you have selected the commission type to flat rate and set commission amount to $5, Then your affiliate will receive $5 for every successful order, irrespective of the product price.

 Select Roles:

This setting allows the site administrators to choose specific roles for their affiliates.All the users with the above selected  roles will be converted into affiliate users. Leave it blank to allow affiliate programs for all users.

Social Sharing: ↑ Back to top

Plugin provides a social sharing feature which enhances the engagement of affiliates and customers. By using this feature Affiliates can do a bulk sharing of their link in between the social platform that will cover an extra range of audience.

Full capability is in the administrator’s hand which platforms he wants to allow for sharing the link. For doing so, he has to Navigate to: WooCommerce > Settings > Affiliate > Social Sharing

check the boxes and save the settings.


Based upon the selected social platforms, It will be available for affiliate customers as well. They can access this feature via WooCommerce My Account Page

All the users with the above roles will be converted into affiliate users. Leave it blank to allow affiliate program for all users.

Reporting(Tracking of Affiliate): ↑ Back to top

Plugin provides a detailed report to site admins so that they can keep track of the commission to their affiliate customers and be able to pay their amount timely. Reporting section displays detailed information about all the affiliates. Admin can track every individual and he also has full control upon taking actions like updating commission, modifying affiliate, etc.

Admin Side Affiliate Tracking :

Navigate to: WooCommerce > Settings > Affiliate > Affiliate Reports

Here you can see on the Affiliate Report page with following necessary information:

  • Affiliate User’s  Name :  In this Column registered affiliate users name of your website will be listed. 
  • User’s Email : User Email will be there in this column.
  • Total Referred: Number of total referred customers by the affiliate will be listed in this column. This field counts only those customers who have purchased the product.
  • Total Earning :  In this column, Total commission of the affiliate through successful referrals will be recorded.
  • Current balance : Current balance, that site admin has to pay to the selected affiliate,  will be listed here in this column.

View Details :  On clicking of this button admin can view the user specific information in a detailed view.Following are the information that has to be shown under this page :

  • Referred customer’s name
  • Order id of the referral:  This will be a clickable link through which the admin can navigate to the particular order and view the details.
  • Total Order Price:  In this column, Product price will be shown for which order has been placed.
  • Activity : This is the most important column in which all the activities will be recorded. For example:
    • When Affiliate has earned the commission through referral
    • When admin updates the balance of the affiliate
  • Date of the activity : In this column date of the activity will be recorded. For example :
    • On which date affiliate has earned commission
    • On which Date admin has paid the commission to affiliate
  • Total earning of the affiliate : In this Column total earning of the affiliate will be listed .
    • For eg: Affiliate earns $10 for and order A
    • Again he earned $5 for a different order then his total earning will be $15 
  • Remaining balance of the affiliate : This column shows the remaining balance of the affiliate that admin has to pay. For eg:
    • Affiliates earning is $15
    • Admin payouts $5
    • Then his remaining balance will be $10

Commission Payout : ↑ Back to top

Commission payout means the payable amount of affiliates commission for their successful referrals that the admin has to pay. ↑ Back to top

Plugin provides the feature to keep track of the commission payout. The actual payment of the commission is done by the site admin manually, outside the Affiliate program for WooCommerce plugin. ↑ Back to top

This method will always be available irrespective of your payment gateways configuration.  ↑ Back to top

To update the commission of a specific Affiliate customer, Admin has to follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard > Users > edit user
  • Update the balance under ‘Extra profile information’ meta box
  • Update the balance and click the Save Changes button


Every time when the admin updates the balance, This update Balance activity will also be recorded under a detailed report  section for a  particular user. Refer the below picture

Affiliates View: ↑ Back to top

Affiliate Users can also access their reports easily via My account page.  This report will belong to logged in users only. That means one users can’t access other users’ details.  To access the report logged in affiliate user has to navigate :

My Account > Reports

How does the Plugin Work ↑ Back to top

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important  advertising tools that helps  the Site Admins to generate more traffic, Product vendors to sell their product easily, Affiliate Customers to earn profit by promoting the products and customers to  buy genuine products. So Affiliate Programming is a win-win situation for everyone that can easily be achieved by using Affiliate Program for WooCommerce plugin. To make the plugin work three different parties must be involved 

  • Site Administrator(Product Vendor or seller)
  • Affiliate Customers
  • Guest Users or customers

Site Administrator

  1. Admin will do the setup of the plugin
  2. Create the Affiliate Users through the User role 
  3. keep track of commissions through the  reports.
  4. Update the commission of the affiliate users by Navigating Users Profiles.

Affiliate Customers

  1. Affiliate Customer Will copy the link by navigating to My Account Page
  2. Share the link to their Customers
  3. If the affiliate Customer is a blogger or has an blogging website, He can embed the link into his posts
  4. On successful placed order he will get the commission
  5. He also can track his earning, Total balance etc. through WooCommerce My Account page

Customers or Guest Users

  1. Customers will visit the affiliates website 
  2. Users will use the shared link and navigate to  my-account page( for registration) of the product vendor’s Website.
  3. When he/she completes the signup , supposed to be an affiliate referred user.
  4. Now this referred user makes a purchase on Product Vendors site.
  5. After purchase, when order status becomes completed then the affiliate user will get commission as per set by admin.

FAQ’s ↑ Back to top

  1. Is this a WordPress Affiliate plugin?

Yes! This plugin is designed to work with WordPress and WooCommerce

  1. From Where Affiliates can Log in ? ↑ Back to top

Affiliates can Log in from WooCommerce My Account Page.

  • How to make  users Affiliate?

Site Administrators can make affiliates from a particular user role. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Affiliate > Affiliate Users Roles. Select the user role and save settings to make them as an affiliate. Now Users belonging to the selected roles will become the affiliate.

  1. Can commission be of different types?

Yes! Commission can be of 2 types :

  • Percentage Commission
  • Flat rate Commission
  1. How Affiliates will get the commission?

Affiliates will not get the commission until the order(Purchase by their affiliate link) status is changed to completed by the site admin.

  1. From Where Affiliates can access their link?

Affiliates can access their link directly from My Account Page and share that using social sharing features.

  1. How Site admins can track the sales?

Site Admins can track the sales by navigating to WooCommerce>Affiliate>Reports

  1. What does this mean ‘max number of orders till you want to allow the commission to the affiliate.

This option means that admin can set the limit after which affiliate customers will not get the commission for a particular order.

  1. Do you provide the payment Feature?

No, Payment Feature is not available for now. Admin has to pay the commission manually. But they obviously can update the balance by navigating to users’ profiles.

  1. What is the payable amount?

Payable amount is the commission balance actually that the admin has to pay to their affiliates. 

  1. How can admin update the payable amount to their affiliates?

Admin can update the payable amount by navigating to users> Edit user > Balance



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