Product Vendors Integration

The Product Vendors plugin (sold separately) integrates with WooCommerce Bookings. When both plugins are used together, you can create a powerful multi-vendor booking marketplace, allowing vendors to offer bookable products like appointments, rentals, or reservations.

Integration Features

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When using Product Vendors alongside Bookings, you will be able to assign your bookable products to other sellers or allow them to create their own. You can learn more about vendor and marketplace owner capabilities below.

Vendors’ Capabilities

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Vendors can manage their bookings, set prices, and control availability. They can set bookable product attributes like duration, block sizes, and calendar display modes. They can also add resources and set minimum or maximum booking requirements​ . WooCommerce Bookings also allows flexibility in setting pricing based on various conditions like group bookings, time zones, or buffer periods​​. See more about what Vendors see in the Vendor’s Guide.

Marketplace Owners’ Capabilities

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Marketplace owners can set vendor-specific commission rates and manage the approval process for vendors. You can also configure automatic commission payouts via PayPal Payouts.

To learn more about Vendor and Marketplace Owner capabilities, visit the Product Vendor’s documentation.

Setting up Product Vendors to work with Bookable Product

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While vendors can create their own products, the bookings integration adds a new option for you to create or assign existing bookable products to a seller.

The process for setting up products for vendor use is the same as other bookable products, with the added functionality of being able to assign the product to a vendor within the newly added Vendor’s tab:

A Product Vendors section has also bee added within the Product Data General tab. This section contains a checkbox that allows you to override Vendor settings per product and define new vendor rules. This checkbox is optional as vendor rules are defined within the seller’s profile, but it can be used if there are product-specific rules that are needed. Learn more about Vendor profile settings within the Product Vendor’s documentation.

With the Product Vendors and Bookings integration, you can set up a flexible multi-vendor marketplace where vendors can manage their own bookings, allowing you to focus on building a thriving eCommerce community. To explore more about WooCommerce Bookings and Product Vendors integration, you can visit the Multi-Vendor Shop use case example here for additional information.

Questions and Support

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