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Order Screen

After a customer purchases an API Product/API resource, the API access information will appear on the Order screen, and in the My Account dashboard. On the Order Screen there will be three meta boxes: Master API Key, API Resources, and API Resource Activations.

Master API Key

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The Master API Key is displayed on each Order screen for reference.

API Resources

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The API Resources meta box displays information about the API Resource:

Product Order API Key
Always unique, and used only as an option.
Activation Limit
Can be changed to give the customer more activations.
Resource Title
Makes product identification easier.
Product ID
The unique ID used by the API Manger to identify a specific API Resource when clients send API requests.
Access Expires
All API Resource access is governed by a subscription type time limit, that can optionally be indefinite.

API Resource Activations

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API Key Used
Displays the API Key type.
Product ID
The product ID number.
Time API Key was activated.
Where/what activated the API Key.
API Key activation can be deleted.