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How can customers use express checkouts?

When express checkouts are enabled, customers can see the corresponding button on the product page, cart page, and/or checkout page when using a supported device, browser, and payment method.

The Stripe WooCommerce Extension is compatible with three express checkout options:

Apple Pay and Google Pay will only display for customers if they meet certain requirements. While Link by Stripe has no customer requirements, it will only show if customers cannot use Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Customer requirements for Apple Pay and Google Pay

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In order for Apple Pay and Google Pay to appear for customers, they must:

  • Visit your site on a compatible device and/or browser.
  • Have a payment method added to their account.

If they do not meet these requirements, the Apple Pay and Google Pay buttons will not display for them.

Apple Pay requirements

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In order for Apple Pay to display, the customer must:

Google Pay requirements

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In order for Google Pay to display, the customer must:

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Stripe Link allows customers to securely save and reuse payment information for faster checkout at the thousands of online businesses that have Link enabled.

You can learn more about Link by Stripe here.

NOTE: Stripe Link is available to U.S. merchants only.

When Link by Stripe is enabled on your site, a customer who has not yet used Link by Stripe will see the following field asking for their phone number:

Whether or not they choose to enter their phone number and save their information via Link by Stripe, the rest of the checkout process will work as normal.

If they do enter their phone and select to save their information, Stripe will create a Link account for them using the email address they entered in the checkout form.

If a customer already has a Link by Stripe account — whether it was created on your site or any other site that uses Link by Stripe — the checkout process will become much faster. As soon as they enter their email address on your checkout page:

  • Stripe will send the user a one-time password (OTP) code via an SMS text message to the phone number on their Link by Stripe account.
  • The customer will see a prompt asking to verify their account via the OTP code.

After entering in the six-digit OTP code, the customer will be asked to double-check their payment method and address information.

After the customer has confirmed their payment method and address, they can select Autofill Checkout. This will automatically populate their information into the appropriate checkout fields, and they can continue the checkout process as normal.

Logged in customer experience

If a customer has both…

  1. An account on your site.
  2. An existing Stripe Link account.

…they will see the Link by Stripe logo in the email field of your checkout page.

Selecting the Link by Stripe logo will trigger the enrolled user experience.

Customers with a Link by Stripe account can manage their account via the Link website.

Product compatibility with express checkouts

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Depending on how your store is configured and the types of products you are offering, this may affect how express checkouts appear to customers.

Below is some information about product types that are fully compatible, partially compatible, and incompatible with express checkout methods via the Stripe WooCommerce Extension.

Products that are compatible with express checkouts

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Both simple and variable products are supported with express checkouts.

Products that are partially compatible with express checkouts

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Express checkouts currently have added compatibility for products created with the following extensions:

  • WooCommerce Pre-Orders only supports express checkouts on all pages if pre-order products are configured to charge customers immediately.
    • Pre-order products charged upon release are not supported by express checkout methods.
  • Woo Subscriptions supports express checkouts on all pages for simple and variable subscription products for customers who are logged into your store.
    • Since subscription purchases require an account, users who are logged out can only purchase subscription products via express checkouts if account username and password generation settings are enabled at WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy.

Some products require advanced configuration to determine price and availability. In such instances, express checkouts are only compatible from the cart and checkout pages — meaning that express checkouts cannot be used on the product page.

Products created using the following options only support express checkout methods on the cart and checkout pages:

Products that are incompatible with express checkouts

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Known incompatibilities with express checkouts include but are not limited to: