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Customer experience with the Stripe WooCommerce Extension

After the Stripe WooCommerce Extension is set up and configured, customers will be able to use it to complete purchases on your site.

If you’d like to make a test payment or better understand the customer experience when interacting with the Stripe gateway, this section of our documentation is the perfect place to learn more!

Testing Stripe

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The Stripe WooCommerce Extension is designed for customers to place real charges on real payment methods, such as credit and debit cards.

The Stripe WooCommerce Extension also provides a test mode, which simulates the real payments process as closely as possible. This allows you to try out the Stripe WooCommerce Extension on your site without charging a live payment method.

Please see our guide on testing the Stripe WooCommerce Extension for instructions on how to configure, enable, and use test mode.

Checking out

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The Stripe gateway has several settings that impact how customers experience your site’s checkout page. Please see our checkout page documentation for details about how you can adjust these settings so that they provide the experience you want for your customers.

You can also read over our express checkouts guide for information about what is required for express checkouts to appear for customers.

Additional payment methods

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The Stripe WooCommerce Extension allows you to offer more payment methods than just card payments. These additional payment methods are offered to customers depending on their geographic location and the currency they are purchasing in.

Check out our additional payment methods guide to learn more about how these payment methods will appear to customers and what is required for them to be displayed.

3D Secure

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The Stripe WooCommerce Extension supports 3D Secure (also known as “3DS” or “SCA”), which is an additional authentication step that requests the customer perform an additional verification step before completing a payment.

You can learn more about the customer experience with 3DS payments via the Stripe WooCommerce Extension here.

Co-badged cards

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The Stripe WooCommerce Extension supports co-badged (or “co-branded”) cards in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2015/751.

Cartes Bancaires cards are the only co-badged cards supported by Stripe. You can read more about testing co-badged cards and how customers can use them here.

Compatibility with WooPayments

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WooPayments and the Stripe WooCommerce Extension can be activated simultaneously. However, when they are active at the same time, it can cause some issues.

We recommend consulting this page if you’d like to compare WooPayments and the Stripe WooCommerce Extension.