How will additional payment methods appear on my checkout page?

Merchants who use the Stripe WooCommerce Extension can also add additional payment options — in the form of local payment methods — to customers. These are called additional payment methods.

The new checkout experience

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The way these additional payment options appear for customers depends on whether the new checkout experience is enabled in your Stripe WooCommerce Extension settings and if you’re using the checkout block or the shortcode checkout.

Additional payment methods will be displayed as separate fixed components — as if they were separate payment gateways — in addition to the card payment method:

However, if you are using the checkout block, additional payment methods will only appear if the new checkout experience is enabled. If it is disabled, then additional payment methods will only display on the shortcode checkout.

Limitations of displaying additional payment methods

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Additional payment methods may not display in certain conditions, including but not limited to:

  • The store currency not meeting the requirement for a specific payment method.
    • For example, Bancontact requires that payments be accepted in EUR.
  • The customer’s billing address is not in a region that is supported by a specific payment method.
    • For example, Przelewy24 requires that the customer have a billing address in Poland.
  • The product type(s) in the customer’s cart are not supported by a specific payment method.