Why iDEAL?

iDEAL is a real-time, secure online payment method trusted by Dutch customers. Payments are processed through a banking website or app with direct online transfer to the merchant, minimizing the risk of fraud and disputes. As a merchant, enabling iDEAL through WooPayments* unlocks a trusted and secure payment option.


Customer LocationsNetherlands
Customer CurrencyEUR (€)
TypeBank debit
Transaction fees€0.29

Accelerate your business with iDEAL and WooPayments

Improve conversions

With iDEAL mobile, customers can use their mobile pincode or biometrics (fingerprint) to authorize a payment, resulting in a conversion rate higher than via internet banking. Plus, with authenticated bank debit, the risk of fraud or unrecognized payments is low, minimizing chargebacks.

Accept recurring payments

iDEAL supports recurring payments through Woo Subscriptions and SEPA Direct Debit (currently only in private beta), allowing you to capture a steady revenue stream. For your customers, this means value and convenience without setting reminders or forgetting to pay

Low fees

WooPayments has no setup costs or monthly fees and is free to download. Successful transactions made via iDEAL start at €0.29, and there are no hidden fees. More info on fees.

* WooPayments is currently available to merchants based in 36 countries.

Get started for free

iDEAL can now be enabled as a payment method in WooPayments. Get started today to manage and view transactions right from your WooCommerce dashboard — with no setup costs or monthly fees.

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