Why was a charge successful despite an AVS or CVC mismatch?

The only valid information that is required to approve a card payment are:

  1. A card number.
  2. An expiration date.

This means that with any payment gateway, including the Stripe WooCommerce Extension, a card payment be successful even if other information is missing or incorrect. This includes when there is:

  1. An address verification service (or AVS) mismatch.
    • An AVS mismatch is when the provided billing information doesn’t match what the bank has on file.
  2. A card verification code (or CVC) isn’t verified.

If a payment is successful in these conditions, it means that a customer’s bank approved the charge despite there being invalid or missing information.

You can modify the Radar rules on your Stripe account to stop a payment from being processed under specific conditions — including those that might be approved by the card-issuing bank.

You can read the Stripe documentation for more details about how to modify your account’s radar rules.

NOTE: If a payment is blocked due to your Stripe account’s Radar rules, the payment will temporarily show as a pending transaction on the customer’s bank statement. It will eventually be removed from their statement, but the timing varies depending on the bank.