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Amazon Extension Comparison

Amazon offers many different ways to use their payments service and WooCommerce supports all of them. Use this handy guide to help you determine which Amazon Payment Gateway Extension is right for your store. Have a question not answered here? Use our pre-sales question form.

Checkout by Amazon Amazon Pay
Requires an SSL Certificate? No Yes
Keep customers on your site? No Yes
Skips the WooCommerce checkout? Yes No
Payment Methods Accepted Credit Card Credit Cards
Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions? No No
Compatible with WooCommerce Pre-Orders? No No
Amazon FPS (Flexible Payments Service) Discontinued June 1, 2015 Amazon Simple Pay Discontinued June 1, 2015
Requires an SSL Certificate? No No
Keep customers on your site? No No
Skips the WooCommerce checkout? No No
Payment Methods Accepted Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, and Amazon Payments balance Credit Cards and Amazon Payments balance
Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions? Yes No
Compatible with WooCommerce Pre-Orders? Yes No
Simple Pay vs. FPS (no longer applicable) We get questions about why customers want to use Amazon Simple Pay vs FPS sometimes since they each take customers to Amazon to finish purchases, but FPS has additional functionality that Simple Pay doesn’t offer. Amazon Simple Pay is typically easier for merchants to set up (think PayPal Standard), and has easier fees to understand (here are FPS fees). Amazon FPS does provide the ability to accept recurring payments and pre-orders, but can require more setup with Amazon (more like PayPal Payflow Pro). Another difference is what happens after checkout. Both extensions send customers to Amazon to select payment and complete purchases. FPS will automatically redirect customers back to your site, while Simple Pay gives them a button to click to return to your site. Looking for more in-depth information? Review the comparison guide on the Amazon Payments site.