CyberSource Extension Comparison

CyberSource offers a number of different ways to use their service and WooCommerce supports them with two different plugins. Use this handy guide to help you determine which CyberSource Payment Gateway Extension is right for your store. The checkout flow will vary slightly for each of these plugins. CyberSource direct will work just like any other WooCommerce gateway – customers will select the payment method on the checkout page while remaining on your site and click “Place Order”. Payment details are then routed through your server from the checkout page. CyberSource SA SOP will appear to keep customers on your website, but will use a hosted form to post payment details directly to CyberSource’s servers for improved security. However, this adds a small step to the checkout process. From the checkout page, customers can select this method, but won’t enter any payment details. When they click “Place Order”, they’re directed to the page with the hosted payment form to include payment details and authorize the charge (this is the form sent directly through CyberSource’s servers). Then they can submit the order and will be directed to the “Order Received” page.

CyberSource Direct CyberSource SA SOP
SSL Certificate Required? Yes Yes
Supports eChecks? No Yes
Supports Credit Cards? Yes Yes
Reduced PCI/ACH Scope? No Yes
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