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  2. Add high-spending customers to a VIP MailPoet list

Add high-spending customers to a VIP MailPoet list


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You’re ready to use MailPoet and AutomateWoo to seamlessly identify and automatically enroll high-spending customers into a designated VIP MailPoet list. Through tailored triggers and rule sets, your valuable patrons can receive exclusive access to premium benefits, personalized discounts, and early product releases, fostering a deeper sense of belonging and value within your brand community.

In this example, we will configure AutomateWoo to add a customer to a MailPoet list, after a customer spends a specific amount on your store.


  1. The WooCommerce plugin
  2. MailPoet
  3. AutomateWoo 

Creating the Workflow

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If the list to which you want to add customers is not present in MailPoet, you must first create it before you can proceed.

To create a workflow that adds a customer to a MailPoet list:

  1. Go to AutomateWoo > Workflows
  2. Click Add Workflow
  3. Enter a Title for the workflow, like VIP Customer – MailPoet List Addition.
  4. Add trigger: Customer Total Spend Reaches
  5. Add a value to Total Spend ( this is the total amount a customer has to spend to be added to a list. )
  6. We will not set specific rules but you can specify any combination of rules to meet your requirements.
  7. Add action: Add customer to list
  8. Search for the list to add a customer to.
  9. Enable Double Opt-in to minimize unwanted email subscriptions ( optional ).

Optional Triggers

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If you’d like to add a customer to a MailPoet list based on the number of orders they place, rather than the total amount spent, use the Customer Order Count Reaches trigger to achieve that.