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How do I refund orders?

The Stripe WooCommerce Extension allows refunds inside WooCommerce. Please see our WooCommerce Refunds documentation page for more information.

Can I refund authorized payments that have not been captured?

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When using authorize and capture, refunding an authorized order that has not yet been captured will:

  1. Cancel the authorization.
  2. Change the order status to Cancelled.

If you need to partially refund the order then capture it first by setting the order status to Processing, then process your partial refund as usual.

How long do refunds take to process?

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A refund will typically take 5–10 business days to appear on your customer’s bank statement. This is standard for most payment processors and is not limited to the Stripe WooCommerce Extension.

If a refund occurs very soon after the payment is captured, it may be processed in the form of a reversal; in these cases, the initial charge will “drop off” of their transaction history, and it will be as though the payment never occurred.