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Can I use Stripe Billing to handle recurring payments?

The Stripe WooCommerce Extension does not interface with the Stripe Billing feature offered by Stripe. Instead, it is designed to handle subscriptions and subscription renewal payments by:

  1. Saving and using secure tokens of customer and payment information.
  2. Allowing extensions like Woo Subscriptions to provide versatile recurring payment solutions on WooCommerce sites.

With Stripe Billing, handling recurring payments requires:

  • Keeping two copies of each subscription’s data in sync on two different systems — one in WooCommerce and one at Stripe — which can cause issues.
  • Limiting or barring the use of a myriad of Woo Subscriptions’ features, like payment date changes.

How are recurring payments handled in my Stripe dashboard?

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You will not see subscriptions paid for via the Stripe WooCommerce Extension in your Stripe Dashboard under the Billing menu. Instead — as long as your store is running smoothly — individual payments that are a part of a subscription will show up in the Stripe Dashboard as Payments.