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Does the Stripe WooCommerce Extension modify my order statuses?

The core WooCommerce plugin has different order statuses that can be applied to an order to indicate where it is at in its life cycle. These statuses can be changed manually, but the Stripe WooCommerce Extension will also apply some of these statuses to an order automatically based on information from the Stripe servers — if your webhooks properly configured.

The most common statuses are:

  1. Processing
  2. Refunded

On this page, we’ll dig into how the Stripe WooCommerce Extension affects each of these statuses.

The Processing status

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When a payment is processed successfully via the Stripe WooCommerce Extension, the order is automatically assigned the Processing status. This is the default behavior of payment methods in the core WooCommerce plugin, and the Processing status is an indication that the payment was successful and the order is awaiting fulfillment.

A major exception here is for orders that solely contain products that are both virtual and downloadable. For these kinds of orders, they will be assigned the Completed status — since no fulfillment is required.

  • This is a core functionality of the WooCommerce plugin.
  • If you’d like to automatically mark orders as Completed that contain other types of products, we suggest using an extension like WooCommerce Order Status Control.

The Refunded status

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If you refund a payment that was processed via Stripe WooCommerce Extension, the status of the order will be updated to Refunded.

NOTE: Changing the order status to Refunded or Cancelled will not automatically refund a captured payment to the customer.

Other statuses

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The Stripe WooCommerce Extension may also change the statuses of your orders under the following conditions:

The Failed status

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The failed status can be applied automatically if:

  1. A payment was disputed and decided in the cardholder’s favor.
  2. A scheduled subscription payment via Woo Subscriptions is attempted with a 3D Secure card.
    • The cardholder will need to authorize the payment.
    • They will receive an email requesting that they authorize their payment.
    • Once they successfully authorize their payment, the order status will be changed to Processing or Completed.

How Authorize and Capture affects order statuses

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If you have set the Stripe WooCommerce Extension to issue an authorization on checkout and capture later, then:

  • A successfully authorized payment will be assigned the On Hold status.
    • Once the authorized payment is captured, it order status will be changed to the Processing or Completed status.
  • If the authorization is cancelled for any reason, the payment status for the order will automatically change to Cancelled.