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Facebook for WooCommerce: Uninstall Plugin and Remove WooCommerce Facebook App

How do I remove the plugin, WooCommerce Facebook app, and created system users? ↑ Back to top

When clicking on the Disconnect link in the Facebook WooCommerce dashboard, here’s what happens:

  • It disconnects the website and deletes the manage_business_extension from the access token we use and it also removes those tokens from the database, so we are no longer able to manage any of the assets until you go through the connection again.
  • It doesn’t remove the system users or the app from Facebook Business Integration

To remove the app from Facebook and system users:

Remove WooCommerce Extension V2 app from Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions ↑ Back to top

These are in addition to the general Facebook for WooCommerce Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are system users anyways?
A: Our plugin relies on these for us to track Pixel events more accurately (server side), are required for the graph API for product sync updates, and are also required to get long-lived access tokens so they don’t expire all the time.

Technically speaking, system users represent servers or software that make API calls to assets owned or managed by a Business Manager. There is more information here on what these system users do and why they’re recommended to use for making programmatic, automated actions on ad objects or Pages, or do programmatic ads buying. Another resource that you may find useful can be found here.

Q: Why are there 2 WooCommerce System Users?
A: Facebook is aware of an issue where the onboarding flow creates multiple duplicate users, but they haven’t fixed it yet.

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