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Administrator experience with the WooCommerce Square Extension

After the WooCommerce Square Extension is set up and configured, customers will be able to use it to complete purchases on your site.

This document will guide you through key aspects of managing your orders using the WooCommerce Square Extension, including issuing refunds and understanding the details added to your orders.

Handling Orders

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The WooCommerce Square Extension is designed to add important identifying information to your orders and automatically update your order statuses after a payment occurs.

Here are some additional topics that affect how the WooCommerce Square Extension handles orders:

Handling Payments

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As a site administrator, you have access to modify payment settings in the WooCommerce Square extension that can impact how you accept payments and how your customers experience purchases on your site.

Please refer to the below topics to configure payments via WooCommerce Square and to learn how WooCommerce Square handles different payment options:

Handling Inventory Sync

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WooCommerce Square can be used for managing inventories and also as a payment gateway. To manage product inventory sync, please refer to the WooCommerce Square sync documentation which covers several settings: