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How to create a fallback package

A ‘fallback’ or ‘default’ package is not always needed, but can be useful in a scenario where you’d like to exclude a certain shipping method from the default package. The fallback package as described here will match all remaining products that are not put in other packages that are created before this one.

Setting up the fallback package

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The setup of the fallback package is quite simple; we need it to match for all scenario’s, and all products. This can be done by different conditions, but the easiest one would be to use the ‘Quantity’ or ‘Subtotal/price’ ones. Using the ‘Greater or equal – 1’ it will ensure it matches in any scenario and for all (remaining) products. The naming and shipping method configuration can of course be setup according to your own specific requirements. Do make sure this fallback package is sorted last in the overview;