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Product Specification Table for WooCommerce

Create and display product details in tables on product pages with Product Specification Table for WooCommerce.

Display Product Details in a Table

Product Specification Table for WooCommerce allows you to create and display product details in tables on the product pages.


  • Works for simple and variable products
  • Easy to create and use the Product Specification Table
  • Create multiple Specification Tables for a single product
  • Table elements can combine into groups, and you can use them across multiple tables
  • Shortcode for displaying the Product Specification Table
  • An option to hide certain attribute(s) in the Product Specification Table
  • An option to bulk update to assign Specification Table with products
  • An option added to display the Specification Table when clicking the link
  • Highly customizable


Reduces cart abandonment

Customers can view all product details so they can complete their purchases without hesitation.


Your customers can easily view all product details and make their purchase decisions accordingly.

How does it work?

Group configuration

The first step in creating a Product Specification Table is Groups. With Groups, you can bundle multiple table elements (attributes) in each Group. Use created groups later to create any number of tables.

Attribute configuration

Attributes are elements that display in the Table. One or more attributes can link to a Group.

Table configuration

Within this section, you can create Tables using Groups and attributes. You can sort the Groups as per your preferences.

Linking tables to products

  • Once you create Groups, Attributes, and Tables, assign the tables to products.
  • Create a New Product or edit an existing product in the General section under the Select a Table option—select the Table you want to display for this product.
  • Once you select the Table, all the attributes linked to the Table will display in the same order you have configured.

  • You can change the Attribute Values for this product and Publish it.
  • To create a second table, click on the Add Rule button and repeat the process.
  • Once the changes have been saved, the Product Specification Table will be displayed on the selected product page under the Product Specifications section.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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