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Product Support

Developed by Brad Williams
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A subscription enables access to the product, updates and support for one year from the date of purchase. Every site installation requires a subscription key.

Product Support

Developed by Brad Williams
The Product Support settings screen

Information & Requirements

  • bbPress or BuddyPress
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Easily support your customers with bbPress or BuddyPress.

Tired of the hassle involved with managing product support? Looking for a simple solution? Then look no further!

We’ve developed the WooCommerce Product Support extension to work in tandem with either BuddyPress (with user groups and discussion forums enabled) or bbPress to help you automatically create forums for new products, link products to existing forums, and automatically grant users access. If you’re using BuddyPress, users only gain access to the Groups that correspond to purchased products (that way they won’t see every forum/group).


Key Features

  • Automatically create new groups/forums
  • Associate products with any existing groups/forums
  • Automatically add users to correct groups on completed purchase (BuddyPress only)
  • Automatically create first post in each new forum
  • Doesn’t interfere with existing bbPress and BuddyPress functionality (you can still manually create Groups/forums and add users like you always have)

WooCommerce Product Support can improve your current product support workflow and easily provide support for users who buy your products. Plugin settings also give you the option to write some stock forum instructions that can be published, locked and stuck to the top of a forum when a new forum is created.

If you’re not using anything for product support right now, we highly recommend that you install BuddyPress (a free plugin) and enable User Groups and Discussion Forums. This gives you the best control over who has access to what, and with WooCommerce Product Support you can completely automate group creation and user addition!

Some Practical Use Cases:

  • Support Packages for service-based clients
  • Supporting digital/physical goods
  • Building paid-community sites with BuddyPress


Note: this extension requires either bbPress or BuddyPress (both free plugins) to function properly. If using a WooTheme, you will also need to integrate either plugin into the theme, as our themes don’t support either plugin out of the box.

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