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Developed by Sixads
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Developed by Sixads


Run ads on other e-commerce stores. Drive traffic with high purchase intent to your website to generate more sales and boost the visibility of your store.

Sixads is trusted by thousands of shops that run on Shopify, Wix, Weebly, and now also WooCommerce. The plugin enables you to exchange audiences from all of those platforms and reach ready-to-buy users instantly.

Set up and have your ad campaign running in under 2 minutes. Sixads comes with a FOREVER FREE or paid plan. You can also have your ad account reviewed by our in-house marketing gurus to get the best results possible.

How does it work?

1. Install “Sixads” plugin.
2. Set up your ads.
3. Adjust your settings and targeting.
4. Review your results.
5. Start scaling your ads that work best.

Main features

  • Ad campaign manager. Create, customize and edit your ads as needed.
  • Performance analytics. Monitor ad performance online to see your progress.
  • Country targeting. Display your ads in countries where your target audience is.
  • Adjustable look and feel. Choose where to display partner products. Fine-tune them to suit the style of your store.
  • Easy integration. Simply install Sixads and get going right away.
  • Category targeting. Display your ads with products that fit your business strategy.
  • No commitments. No credit card needed. Use Sixads as much or as little, and only when you need it. You can pause your campaigns anytime.


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