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Smart Product Bundle For WooCommerce

Developed by WPExperts
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Smart Product Bundle For WooCommerce

Developed by WPExperts

Smart Bundle for WooCommerce introduces a new product type, “Bundle Product.” A complete product grouping tool for creating customized product bundles to offer unmatchable deals to your customers. Fulfill customer expectations with Smart Bundle and enrich customer experiences along with your sales revenue.

Just select the bundle product option from the product list and head to the separate Bundle Product settings tab to create bundles. With multiple pricing options, you can generate promotional and discounted offers on bundle packages targeted to your audience.


  • Set pricing type either fixed price, per product with bundle price and per product without bundle price.
  • Select how to display the product by choosing the Product layout.
  • Select the minimum number of products to be bundled.
  • Enable the user to select the products to be added to the bundle price.
  • Choose which products are to be bundled together.


Pricing Type:

There are three types of pricing options available for admin.

  • Fixed Pricing: Define the price from the General Tab in Regular Price option otherwise Smart Product Bundle will not work.
  • Per Product Pricing Without Bundle Price: Charge the price per product in the bundle, without bundle price being included in the final price.        
  • Per Product Pricing With Bundle Price: Charge the price of per product in the bundle, with bundle price being included in the final price.

Single Page Layout:

  • Select page layout to display the product accordingly.
  • Products in the bundle can be viewed in Table, Grid, and Full-Width Grid Layout.
  • Enter the number of columns in the Grid Layout and Full-Width Grid Layout.

Bundle Minimum Products:

  • Set a limit for products for creating a bundle.
  • For example, if there’s a minimum limit of five products. The user has to select five or more products to add a bundle in the cart.

Show Box Item Price and Product Selection:

  • Admin can select the checkbox to display product prices separately on products, in this manner all the products will display respective prices along with bundle price.
  • Admin allows users to select and add products to the bundle, the price of the products that are selected will be added to the bundle price total. 

Product Add-ons:

  • Add products in this field to be bundled together from bundle product settings.
  • Search existing shop products in order to use them in the bundle.
  • If there are no products available in the shop, the Product Add-ons option will not work.


  • If the number of selected products is equal or more than the number set by the admin in the Bundle Minimum Products option, the smart product bundle can be added to the cart.

Table Layout and Full-Width Grid Layout View:

smart bundle image

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