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Storewide Sale For WooCommerce

Storewide Sale for WooCommerce is a perfect solution for marketing, which lets store owners to enable sitewide sales.

Storewide Sale for WooCommerce allows you to enable sales for multiple products in bulk. You can set the storewide sale as a percentage or fixed reduction and specify the start and end dates of the sale.

It’s time consuming to add sale prices to products individually. This extension allows you to put bulk products on sale with a single click. Store owners can include/exclude specific products, product categories, and product tags for storewide sales.

Enable a sale globally for specific products, product categories, tags, or for the entire store without editing each product. Store owners can easily schedule sale prices for products and increase overall store revenue.

Key Features

  • Enable sales by product category.
  • Specify a start and end date for the sale.
  • Specify the sale type as a fixed value reduction or as a percentage.
  • Include/exclude products, product categories, and product tags for storewide sales.
  • Enable/disable storewide sale notification.
  • Schedule storewide sales for an online store.


Storewide sale general settings

Override individual sales by choosing an option from the following:

  •  Do not override the sale applied at the product level.
  •  Apply product level sales and storewide sales.
  •  Override the sale applied at the product level with a new storewide sale.

store wide sale for woocommerce general settinngs

Storewide sale global sale settings

The extension enables you to set global sale settings for storewide sale pricing. Admins can allow storewide sale options, add sale discounts, and set the sale type as a percentage or a fixed amount. Admins can also specify a sale start and end date.

01 store wide sale for woocommerce global sale settinngs

Storewide sale control settings

Include or exclude products in storewide control settings. Include or exclude product categories and product tags.

02 store wide sale for woocommerce control settinngs

Storewide sale notification settings

Admins can customize and enable a storewide sale notification that can appear at the top or bottom of the page.

03 store wide sale for woocommerce notification settings

Category-wide sale

By default, WooCommerce doesn’t allow you put all products from a specific category on sale. Storewide Sale allows you to put products on sale by category for a specific set of dates.

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