Supplier Management for WooCommerce

Supplier Management for WooCommerce helps you manage and connect suppliers to your online store.

Manage Information and Notifications for all Your Suppliers From Your WooCommerce Dashboard

If you run a store where your inventory relies on multiple suppliers, managing and following each of them can be a challenging job. Supplier Management for WooCommerce helps you manage and connect with your store’s suppliers.

Manage individual suppliers

Admins can add new suppliers and manage existing suppliers and their data. You can also add extra notes or comments for each supplier as needed.


Link suppliers to individual products

Admin can easily link products to existing suppliers from a single edit product page with a separate price and supplier’s own SKU.

Admins can also assign a supplier to multiple products in bulk from the all-products-list-view.

Receive supplier information with low-stock/out-of-stock emails

The default WooCommerce low-stock email alert notifies you when a product is out of stock. It is up to you to locate the supplier information to order more inventory. Supplier Management for WooCommerce delivers all supplier-related information right in your inbox with a click-to-call or email option.

Send notifications to your suppliers

Are you running multiple businesses? Do you forget to share low-stock emails with your suppliers? Now, you can automate the process and let the system send those low stock/out-of-stock emails directly to your suppliers.


  • Simplify the way you manage your suppliers
  • List all your suppliers with detailed information ( email, address, contacts, etc. )
  • Link each WooCommerce product with a supplier
  • Follow product stocks for each supplier
  • Manage Personal notes and comments for each supplier
  • Get all supplier information in low stock / out of stock admin emails
  • Send low stock/ out of stock emails to multiple recipients
  • Automate the process of sending low stock alerts to your suppliers
  • Support for supplier SKU (NEW)

Managing suppliers made easy!

This extension can help you automate your workflow by sending timely stock alerts with the correct supplier information in your inbox. With Supplier Management for WooCommerce, you can even send low stock notification emails to suppliers and other additional recipients apart from admin.

Supplier Management for WooCommerce helps you manage and communicate with your suppliers.


Minimum PHP version: 7.0

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