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Synctrack - Auto Sync PayPal Tracking Info for WooCommerce

Auto sync tracking info to PayPal and Stripe to build trust, get funds 10X faster, and get up to 90% fewer disputes, chargebacks!

What is Synctrack? 

Synctrack is a necessary tool that helps businesses on WooCommerce Sync tracking info to PayPal automatically. Up to now, Synctrack is proud to assert itself as the first and only tool, supporting all users on the WooCommerce platform to protect your store from payment fraud by automatically adding PayPal tracking information.

We built Synctrack to help e-commerce merchants combat the growing threat of payment fraud, disputes, and chargebacks.Synctrack is designed to integrate your tracking information on any transaction from your carrier to PayPal/Stripe regardless of the volume or frequency of your transactions. If a consumer files an Unauthorized Transaction or Item Not Received dispute on an order, and you discover it to be false, PayPal will have the supporting data.

Key features of Synctrack 

  • ‍PayPal Seller Protection: PayPal Seller Protection is a fantastic program by PayPal that minimizes disputes and chargebacks and helps prevent buyer fraud.
  • Faster Funds Release: In the event of a rapid increase in sales or disputes, PayPal can hold your payments for up to 21 days to protect buyers.
  • Fewer Chargebacks & PayPal Disputes: By providing your customers with valid tracking numbers inside PayPal’s system, they are less likely to file for disputes or chargebacks, which means more money for you.
Setup this app in only 3 steps

Other benefits when using Synctrack

Lighting Fast Setup 

Install the app and connect to your PayPal/Stripe account with just two clicks, and Synctrack will take care of the rest for you. Synctrack’s implicit processing technology will sync all order information to PayPal/Stripe.



Unlimited PayPal account

Since having several PayPal/Stripe accounts is advantageous to your business, we support an unlimited number of PayPal/Stripe accounts on all Synctrack price levels.




Support all checkout gateways & other third parties

Synctrack helps you decrease chargebacks, disputes, and other costs, regardless of whether you use a payment gateway or a third party, or if you use the premium or free version of the software.




Multi-store integration

It reduces the subscription cost for every store. A single Synctrack account serves all businesses in multi-store e-commerce solutions. Therefore, merchants save money since they don’t have to install Synctrack for each individual store.




Auto-sync tracking info to PayPal & Stripe

Sync up to 1000 trackings in I minute, nearly real-time synchronization




Fair pricing

Synctrack’s price list provides consumers with a number of options. Synctrack will give you the best pricing list regardless of the stage of your business or the number of orders you want to sync.




Courier Mapping rule

Synctrack provides a feature “Couriers Mapping” which helps you to manually create your own rules for the matching process (from WooCommerce to PayPal). For auto-matching courier, you won’t have to manually enter them when creating a routing policy. Each order returned from WooCommerce will have Synctrack automatically match the correct information from the courier.



Dispute management

This tool allows you to conveniently handle the following sections: Total Disputes, Wait to response, Under Review, and Received. This functionality may also filter orders by dispute status, dispute reason, and the lifecycle stage of the dispute.

Synctrack solves a lot of problems for WooCommerce users


When do I need to start sending tracking information to PayPal?

As soon as possible. It helps to build trust in your account. Once you submit tracking, PayPal will send a notification to your customer so they can expect when their ordered package delivery

Why is it important to add tracking information to PayPal?

Money flow is always mattered with any business, especially with e-commerce merchants. Keeping a PayPal account in good standing is very important to avoid many serious issues with your accounts such as reserving money, a long time to withdraw, losing disputes, or an account being blocked. PayPal may disable your account first and then hold your income for up to 180 days, it depends on the number of issues, disputes, or claims you get from the consumers. We enclosed a quote from PayPal below and also the link to PayPal Reserves so you may find out more ideas.

How is my subscription calculated by time?

You will pay monthly when you activate the subscription. But orders will be counted from the 1st to the 31st of the month.

What happens when my credit is used up?

We will pause submitting the tracking info to PayPal for new orders until the end of the month. These orders would be marked in queue until you upgrade the subscription. You will be also noticed by email (Admin email of Shopify)

I want to know how the app will work before paying for the subscription?

Of course, we have a Free package that helps you submit 30 orders a month for a lifetime. Give it a try.

Try Synctrack – Auto Add PayPal Tracking Info with a FREE plan for exclusive benefits today!


  • WooCommerce version 3.4 or later
  • Enabled pretty permalinks (required for WooCommerce REST API)

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