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Vertical & Accordion Product Detail Tabs

This plugin transforms old horizontal product detail tabs to vertical/accordion tabs.

Responsive design is today’s web standard. But default WooCommerce product detail tabs are horizontal and not responsive. This plugin transforms tabs into beautiful vertical/accordion tabs.

  1. After the plugin is installed, please enable vertical tabs for product details by going to WooCommerce –> Settings –> Products –> Vertical Product Tab.

2. Enabling this will create vertical/accordion tabs.

3. Customers can find information more efficiently on mobile devices.


  1. Transform old horizontal product detail tabs into vertical/accordion tabs.
  2. The responsive design means that customers can find information easily on mobile and tablet devices.
  3. Product detail tabs can also be used as an accordion on desktop.
  4. The feature is very useful when products have many tabs.
  5. Admins can choose to customize active tab background colors, font colors, inactive tab colors, etc.


Once you enable “Vertical And Accordion Product Detail Tabs,” you can see that your product detail page tabs now transform to vertical and accordion tabs.

Vertical Tabs View

Accordion Tabs View



Minimum PHP version: 5.2

Transform old horizontal product detail tabs to vertical/accordion tabs.

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