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WooCommerce Product Listing Page



Transform the default catalog view into an attractive and engaging product listings page to help customers easily add multiple products to cart in one go. This plugin for WooCommerce enlists specific products or categories in a compact table to show items with more information for customers. It add the item to cart with just single click. Use it for a wholesale business, a restaurant, or technical products. For example, restaurants can allow customers to order multiple dishes with simple clicks and computer shops can prompt customers to choose specifications when customizing their machine.

Key Features of the List View Plugin for WooCommerce

  • Shows Product Listing separately on any page
  • Display specific products or categories on listing page
  • Simple shortcode to display listing page and cart widget
  • Search bar for customers to easily find products
  • Option to display listings category wise for grid view
  • Users can see products in a List, or Grid view
  • Load list upon scroll, load more button, or pagination
  • Select custom colors for table components
  • Personalize Load More button
  • Mobile Responsive

Enable Product Listings for Better UX

Use the plugin to enable product listings for customers to easily add products to the cart with just one click rather than visiting each product page. You have option to display products either in list or grid view on listing page.

List View:

WooCommerce product listing page

Grid View:

WooCommerce product listing page

Display Listings Category Wise

You can also display products category wise on listing page for grid view option.

woocommerce listing page

Shortcode for Showing Listings & Cart Widget on Any Page

The Product Listing Page for WooCommerce plugin creates a shortcode of the product listings and cart widget so that you can paste it on any page where you want to show them.

WooCommerce product listing page

List or Grid View

You can enable either list or grid view of the product listings depending on your preference. The list view shows the catalog in a table, where the grid view show products by bigger images.

WooCommerce product listing page

Customers Can Use the Search Bar, Too

Customers who are facing difficulty in finding their required items can use the search filter. They can type a name and the product will surface above from the listings.

WooCommerce product listing page

Multiple Product Loading Type Options

The List View WooCommerce plugin comes with three different types of product loading. You can select the additional products to show on scroll down, load more button, or in pagination.

Numerous Table Customization Options

The plugin allows customization options of the listings table. Choose the color or font size so that the table design matches your website.

WooCommerce product listing page

Configure Load More Button

With the Product Listing Page for WooCommerce plugin, you can customize the “Load More” button.

WooCommerce product listing page

Get Started

  1. Purchase Product Listing Page with List & Grid View from WooCommerce.com.
  2. Download and install the extension.
  3. Activate the extension.
  4. Go to WooCommerce > Product Listing Page  to configure this plugin.
  5. Read the full installation guide here.

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