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Product Variations Table for WooCommerce

Display product variations in a table or list view to help customers filter, sort, and add products to their cart.

The WooCommerce product variation table plugin allows you to replace the default variation selection dropdown and display your product variations in a convenient and customizable table or list layout. This offers more visibility and enables customers to quickly browse through the available options and purchase the desired products.

Select the columns you want to display, customize color, and number of variations. Display it to everyone, or select user roles.

The WooCommerce variation table plugin is a perfect addition to your B2B store as it allows bulk add-to-cart and easy navigation for wholesale dealers.

Enable customers to seelct number of products they want to see on the page by using the WooCommerce number of products per page plugin.

Key Features

  • Displays product variations in table/list view
  • Customize product variation table columns to include specific information (name, short description, image, quantity, SKU, prices, add to cart, and more)
  • Search bar to find specific variations
  • Displays Print, PDF, CSV, Excel, and Copy buttons
  • Enable table/list view for specific products, categories, and user roles
  • Enable bulk Add-to-Cart Button
  • Select a dark or light theme for the product list design 
  • Customize text, background, and button colors for both table and list view
  • Choose from pre-defined positions to show variations table or use a shortcode
  • Enable pagination and limit the number of product variations to display per page
  • Display the “Added to Cart” message in a popup
This Plugin is fully compatible with HPOS(High-Performance Order Storage) and Multisite.

Display Product Variations in Two Different Layouts

WooCommerce product variation plugin allows you to showcase product variations in a table or list design. Replace the default variation selection dropdown with a user-friendly variation table or list design. Choose column attributes, customize color, and enable bulk add-to-cart for a quick and easy purchase. 

Customize Variation Table Columns

Display specific information columns in the variations table and customize their order. You can include the following options in the table:

  • Checkbox
  • Thumbnail
  • Variation Title
  • Short Description
  • SKU
  • Price
  • Stock
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Quantity
  • Add to Cart Button

Add to Cart Multiple Products at Once

The bulk add-to-cart feature makes it simple for B2B and wholesale customers to purchase products in large quantities. From a table or list view, you can easily find and select product variations, and place bulk orders at once.

Use Shortcode to Display Variation Table in Builders

The WooCommerce product variation table plugin enables you to use a shortcode to display the variation table in builders such as Elementor and Divi. This makes it easy for merchants to display the table without any coding.


Real-time search filter

The Ajax-based search filter allows users to search products by price or similar attributes and view real-time results. Product variations update as soon as the user adds a product name or any of that product’s attributes to the search bar.

Print, copy, or extract product variations

The product variations table for WooCommerce allows customers to print, copy, or export the list of product variations to review offline. They can download the table in various formats such as Excel, CSV, or PDF format and also print it.

Select Variation Table Position and Add Pagination

You can choose whether you want to display the product variation table before or after the single product summary. Restrict the number of variations to be displayed per page and enable pagination for the table.

Easily Configure WooCommerce Variation Tables for Specific Products or User Roles

The WooCommerce variation plugin allows you to restrict displaying variation tables for specific products, categories, or user roles. This feature helps merchants to only display the table for specific products.

Customize Table Layout

Variation table WooCommerce enables multiple customization options. You can choose which product attributes to display in columns, such as price, SKU, image, etc. Customize table, button, and text colors. 

WooCommerce Variation Table


Responsive design

The product variations table for WooCommerce is responsive and user-friendly, allowing users to navigate them on a mobile device.

WooCommerce Variation Table


1. Why use a WooCommerce product variation table?

You can use the WooCommerce variation table to make it easier for customers to see all available variations and purchase what they want easily.

2. Can I customize the WooCommerce Variation Table?

WooCommerce product variation table provides you with customization options such as color, text alignment, padding, etc. 

3. Can the WooCommerce Variation Table plugin facilitate adding multiple products to the cart at once?

Yes, the plugin supports bulk add-to-cart functionality, making it convenient for B2B and wholesale customers to purchase products in large quantities.


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  • Multi-Site
WooCommerce Product Variations Table - documentation


Looking for assistance? Check out the extensive documentation for a complete understanding of the WooCommerce Product Variations Table plugin.

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