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WooCommerce variation table



Display your store’s product variations in a data table users can filter and sort to find the product they need.

Replace the conventional select field option with a dynamic table that allows users to search for products by size, color, and style. Add to cart buttons beside each table item simplify the shopping experience.

Users not yet ready to order can extract product variation sheets to review offline and make a purchase decision in their own time.

Key Features

  • Use data tables to showcase product variety
  • Add specific product attributes and variations in a table
  • Ajax-based filters ensure faster product search for customers
  • Users can extract product variations in CSV, Excel, PDF, or print format
  • Customize table layout to match it with your store theme
  • General settings to enable table for all the variable products at once
  • Option to hide default display of variations on product page
  • Shortcode for variation table
  • Restrict no of product variations to display per page

Display product variations using tables

Finding product variations in a catalog can be a daunting and time-consuming experience for your customers. Help them find product variations in tables organized by style, color, and size.

WooCommerce Variation Table

Real-time search filter

The Ajax-based search filter allows users to search products by price or other attributes and view real-time results. Product variations update as soon as the user adds a product name or any of that product’s attributes into search.

WooCommerce Variation Table

Print, copy, or extract product variations

The plugin allows your customers to print, copy, or export the list of product variations to review offline. They can download the table in Excel, CSV, or PDF format.


WooCommerce Variation Table

Add multiple product variations to cart

The plugin allows customers to add multiple product variations to the cart, simplifying the shopping experience.

WooCommerce Variation Table

Pagination for product variation

With pagination, you can add items to the product variations table. Allow customers to view a wide range of products across multiple pages.

WooCommerce Variation Table

Customize table layout

With multiple customization options, you can change the way product variations appear on a landing page. Choose product attributes to display such as price, SKU, image, etc. Variations can be sorted on the table.

WooCommerce Variation Table

General Settings:

General settings help to enable a table for all the variable products of your online store at once. However, you can exclude the products or categories you do not want to enable.

WooCommerce Variation Table

Responsive design

Product variation tables are responsive, allowing users to view them on a mobile device.

WooCommerce Variation Table


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