Get paid to use Woo Express!

At Woo, we believe the best way for us to improve Woo Express is to ask real merchants like you what would make their lives easier. 

We’re offering a $70 credit toward a Woo Express plan for your feedback. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up below with your name and email.
2. Close this window and start your free trial of Woo Express.
3. Check your email for details on how to submit your video to us.
4. After you submit the video and we verify it, we’ll send you a credit for a free month of a paid Woo Express plan, a $70 value!

We’re also looking for a small group of 50 merchants who are eager to share more of their experiences, and make a major impact on the future of WooCommerce. For 60 days, participants will be asked to submit short updates via video and text about their experiences as they work on their websites and businesses.

For participating in this longer study, we’re offering $210 in credit toward Woo Express plans, plus $100 cash for participation. We want to know what it’s really like to sell online in 2023 – we’d really appreciate your help.

Your video submission will be used to determine eligibility for the longer study – no need to fill in more forms. If you do not want to be considered for the longer study, please check “Don’t Apply” below.

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Longer Study