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Balaguer Guitars

Balaguer Guitars build vintage-inspired, modern-designed guitars and basses.

After founder Joe Balaguer graduated luthier school in 2009, he focused not only on improving the designs he grew to love, but also developing original guitar designs that fuse modern design aesthetics with vintage inspiration.

Joe, who designs all the guitars and builds each USA Custom series instrument, handles the quality control process for both production and semi-custom series instruments. In addition, he also designs and develops all Balaguer Pickups, whilst handling Artist & Dealer Relations too.

“The most attractive part of WooCommerce is the flexibility in customization. You can truly build it to how you see fit, and that was paramount for us when we were searching for an eCommerce solution.”
– Joe Balaguer, owner, founder and luthier

The company’s approach to guitar design is simple: traditionalists at heart, they feel that the classic designs from other “big brand” guitars tend to lack in certain areas of comfort, tone, and construction.

From single-cut, to T-style, to offset, customers are able to customize almost every aspect when ordering a semi-custom guitar from the site. Finishes, scale length, optional binding, pickups, and hardware including Evertune bridges are just some of the options that Joe offers during the ordering process.

When it comes to manufacturing, Balaguer Guitars design and engineer Production Series and Semi-Custom series models in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, building them in partnership with a small workshop of highly experienced, trained luthiers in South Korea. This ensures that Joe and his team are able to offer their guitars at affordable prices, whilst still retaining high standards of quality and tone.

The boutique limited-edition Heritage Series instruments, however, are machined, built, painted, and assembled in the United States from start to finish.

Balaguer Guitars aim to build instruments that translate your creativity in the truest way. Come see where modern design meets vintage inspiration.