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Bandelettes helps women of all sizes conquer a painful and embarrassing problem – inner thigh chafing.

The word “Bandelette” is a French term for the embellishment on the top of a column. Since launching in 2013, the company have created comfortable and sexy lingerie to be both practical and beautiful, embracing curves and enhancing self-confidence.

Painful inner thigh chafing is a problem that affects many women of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles – often hindering their opportunity to wear the clothes and do the activities they love. With patented anti-chafing designs, these fashion accessories have been created from stretchy, delicate lace (or soft microfiber) bands with non-slip silicone.

These thigh bands are luxurious wardrobe additions integrating fashion and functionality, providing an attractive and discreet solution. The lacy bands slide comfortably over your thighs, and have an adhesive lining so they won’t slip down over time.

“We think women deserve to feel beautiful, confident and sexy in all situations, not ferreting away their shapewear like this problem is something to be ashamed of. We designed the original prototype to be sexy and ornate, like bracelets for your thighs.”
– Julia, co-founder