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Barefoot Buttons

Barefoot Buttons are sleek caps that fit over commonly-used guitar effects pedals’ on/off switches, giving the player a more comfortable switching experience to bring music to your sole.

Born organically from a common problem, Hawaiian musician/machinist Brett Richards created this easy-to-install customization for all musicians who use pedals, from guitarists and bassists to keyboard players and DJs. If you play barefoot, comfort and accuracy are crucial, but even with shoes there are significant advantages to having these little custom caps on your pedals.

“We found that the buttons to have a better feel than stock effect switches no matter what you have on your feet,” says Brett. “You will find that pedal activation pressure is greatly reduced whilst providing a larger and more stable trigger point.”

Each patent pending button – made from CNC-machined 6061 aircraft grade anodized aluminium – attaches to the existing switch cap courtesy of two stainless steel set screws, with an allen wrench included alongside each button sold. Two different sizing options (one for the more common 3PDT switches and one for SPST tap switches) plus a larger “tallboy” version for hard-to-reach units ensure that the days of mis-triggering your pedal are over.

Starting out life as a successful Kickstarter campaign after several years of testing amongst friends, this inexpensive accessory fits most major pedal switches and triggers, refreshingly as attractive as they are functional. A whole host of color options allow you to add your own personal touch to your favorite stomp box, with a clear acrylic option especially helpful for pedals with LED lights located close to the switch.

Used by notable genre-spanning players such as Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Xavier Rudd, Lee Malia (Bring Me The Horizon), and rising reggae star Mike Love, Barefoot Buttons are improving discerning musicians’ pedal boards all over the world.