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bobo&boo sells eco-friendly bamboo dinnerware for kids that is safe, stylish, and durable.

From humble beginnings in a kitchen to the global brand it is today, bobo&boo continues to evolve. Their products can be found in homes all over the world, from North America to Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Each and every item is made from bamboo fibres, a by-product of the bamboo industry that would otherwise go to waste, in addition to small amounts of natural grains such as bran and corn starch. This means that it’s better for the environment and the health of your family too.

These natural fibres are mixed together with a food-grade, non-toxic binding resin, poured into a mould, and then pressed and baked under high temperature. Finally, they’re polished to make them smooth.

Kid-friendly and parent-approved, each plate, bowl, and cup is also dishwasher safe.

Why bamboo? One of the fastest growing plants in the world, this naturally resilient plant needs very little water and doesn’t require fertilizers to thrive. It’s a natural, renewable, biodegradable resource.

“[bobo&boo] desperately needed a website upgrade. They were already using WooCommerce and loved it. The new site needed to be colourful and fun, so we added some custom animated .gifs and chunky clickable buttons. There is also a nice colour selection feature we added using ACF selectors.”
– Dean Oakley, Thrive

Modern, minimalistic, non-toxic, and BPA-free; make mealtimes fun and fashionable with bobo&boo. Sure, you have to feed your kids, but you don’t have to do it on ugly, plastic dinnerware anymore.