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Cb Made In Italy

Cb Made in Italy combine artisanal Italian craftsmanship with innovative technologies in their upscale, elegant shoes and accessories.

Cecilia Bringheli, a former fashion PR, partnered with elder brother, Lorenzo, in 2010 to create unisex, elegant, and timeless flat shoes providing absolute comfort and durability. Aiming at an international audience, the siblings Bringheli are guided by a desire to convey “the cult of beauty”, an ideal ingrained in their Milanese family.

“We really enjoy the design process also because it enables us to go back with the memory to the happy, carefree summers of our childhood we spent in Positano, kissed by the golden sun of the Amalfi Coast, which is definitely a big source of inspiration for our collections.”
– Cecilia Bringheli

Each item is made in Milan with love, requiring a minimum of 90 productive steps – all managed by skilled and devoted artisans to guarantee the highest possible quality standards. Each pair of shoes has its own story: the story of those choosing them. It’s what makes them unique, and explains the company’s decision not to display its logo on its creations.