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GET.ON Institut

GET.ON Institut is a pioneer of e-Mental Health in Germany, and one of the first to offer evidence-based eMental Health solutions for a range of conditions in routine care.

Founded in 2015 by internationally recognized experts in the field of eMental health, GET.ON is now one of the leading providers of online health training in German-speaking countries. With 11 training courses covering eight specific problem areas – such as stress, depression, panic, and sleep disorders – they only offer training sessions whose efficacy has been confirmed in clinical trials.

The increasing need for short-term psychological support in Germany is often offset by months spent waiting for an available therapy facility. Against the background of such existing bottlenecks, the use of e-Mental health is becoming increasingly important.

The evidence-based programs produced by GET.ON Institut have all been developed, tested, and evaluated as part of intensive, long-term research work undertaken by an interdisciplinary team of scientists.

Drawn from the fields of psychology, occupational and public health, health economics, computer science and design, these experts ensure high standards of quality for each and every program.

Purchasing access to a particular course entitles the buyer to a year’s membership to that program. Certain courses also include intensive coaching from a trained psychologist after each lesson.

“The implementation of WooCommerce helped us to provide our clients [with] a flawless customer journey experience, [as well as] with more flexibility in the development process.”
– GET.ON Institut

In addition to providing courses to individuals, GET.ON Institut also offer training to businesses, health insurance companies, and clinics to promote the health and performance of their employees, clients, and patients.