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Godin Guitars

Godin Guitars is a Canadian manufacturer of high-quality acoustic and electric guitars, basses, and accessories.

This family-owned company combines traditional lutherie – a focus on thoughtful refinement and a commitment to handwork – with innovative, modern designs. These instruments are seen on stages around the world in the hands of notable players such as Roger Waters, Steve Stevens, and Eric McFadden.

“From fretting to sanding, there is more handwork in Godin guitars than you will find in most custom shops.”

In a highly competitive market, Godin Guitars are unique in that necks and bodies are all made in Canada and assembled in factories in Quebec and New Hampshire, USA. From forest to stage, each instrument is North American.

“Our goal is to consistently provide top-quality guitars [that] make it easy for any musician to learn, develop, and most importantly enjoy their musical abilities.”

Robert Godin began making guitars more than 46 years ago in the small town of La Patrie, Quebec. His passion and dedication has propelled Godin to become one of North America’s biggest guitar manufacturers to date. Now, that same passion is driving the next generation of Godin Guitars, ably led by Robert’s sons, Simon and Patrick.