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Manu Atelier

Manu Atelier is a Turkish luxury leather goods company crafting iconic handbags, shoes, and accessories.

The brand, launched in 2014 under the legendary umbrella of Yeşim Çanta, was recently worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Their chic, understated, designer handbags have also been seen on the arms of Bella Hadid, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Eva Chen.

Co-founders, Beste and Merve, are daughters of one of the oldest leather goods manufacturers in Istanbul, Turkey: Adnan Manastır. They were brought together as business partners by a desire to present their father’s artisanship and unique talents in creating and manufacturing handcrafted leather items.

The sisters believed that there was a gap in the market in terms of considered, carefully designed leather products at an accessible price.

Now, they run the brand with exactly the same vision, passion, and keen eye as their father, their collections inspired by the women they create for.

“The history of Manu Atelier has already started many years ago when we were yet two little girls; it was just born in February 2014.”
– The Manastir sisters

Manu Atelier aims to preserve its loyalty to the past whilst presenting its products to women with a modern sensibility, combining premium, vegetable-tanned leather with pure handcraftsmanship. Every single piece is an expression of love, research, and technique.

Their signature style, The Pristine, looks unlike any other bag on the market with the leather cut and hand-stitched using a special geometric technique. Available in several different colors and sizes – including mini and micro – it’s an item on many a fashionable woman’s wishlist.