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Munchachos sells healthy snacks to children whilst teaching them more about the different cultures of the world.

The Munchachos team and their nutritionists have created a selection of scrumptious snacks, with each treat inspired by flavours from around the world. Examples of these “munchables” include Long Tong Noodles (China), Cha Cha Chips (Mexico), Take Tzat (Greece), and Chomps Elisé (France). Each tasty nibble contains no added sugar or salt and is made with delicious natural flavours.

“Play-based learning is an essential part of children’s development – it feeds their curiosity, improves concentration and helps to build their understanding of the world around them. Munchachos makes learning about the world and other cultures fun and exciting, creating an essential knowledge base for children living in an increasingly multi-cultural society.”
– Ninya, teacher and education advisor

These snacks are purchased as part of a subscription box containing five snacks, ideal for lunch boxes or after-school tummy rumbles. Boxes are sent out weekly, coupled with engaging content and a free mobile app to help your child to eat healthier, be more creative, and learn more about the world in no time.

The app allows your child to create their very own World of Munchachos – alowing them to dress up mini characters, collect assorted national costumes, and play games and quizzes to win prizes.

Open a portal to a new world of taste and discovery with Munchachos, and travel the world through taste.