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QuillingSquare creates high-end, custom quilling art.

Also known as paper filigree, quilling is the art of coiling, rolling, and shaping colorful strips of paper to create a decorative design. This art form has existed for hundreds of years and is often used to decorate greeting cards, wedding and anniversary gifts, spiritual art, and personalized name art.

QuillingSquare is the brainchild of best friends, Sagar Harsora and Himanshu Rami. These two computer engineers got together in 2019 to create beautiful, eco-friendly masterpieces that stand the test of time for “people who appreciate uncomplicated everyday living.”

“WooCommerce has brought our idea into reality. Choosing the WooCommerce platform is the best decision we ever had for our business.”

The partners are constantly searching for new and exciting products to add to their core collection. “Our passion for natural materials is reflected in our strong use of colorful quilling papers [and] wooden frames.”

Each artwork is made with love in India; Sagar handcrafts each piece for sale on their WooCommerce-powered store, while marketing and sales duties are handled by Himanshu.

“WooCommerce has brought our idea into reality,” says Himanshu. “Choosing the WooCommerce platform is the best decision we ever had for our business.”


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